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The Link Between School Shootings and Vet Suicides is Big Pharma not Guns

By Jason Charles | Truth Alliance | Dec. 14, 2012

The media is quick to jump on, and point out the gun issue in this tragic shooting. Yet what they fail time and time again to point out is that in every single case bar none, Big Pharma anti-psychotic drugs have been ingested. It is being reported that today's shooter in Connecticut has a history of mental illiness already. Odd that the mainstream media has failed to point that out, or is it?

Not LSD, not Marijuana, not even alcohol, but prescription drugs like Prozac, Zoloft, Trazodone, Xanax, etc, etc.

"At least fourteen recent school shootings were committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs.  There have been 109 wounded and 58 killed.

Of these 14, seven were seeing either a psychiatrist (5 of them) or psychologist (2 of them).  It is not known whether or not the other half were seeing a psychiatrist, as it has not been published." (CCHR)

READ THIS link from the CCHR a list of psychoactive drugs that the shooters have been on.

Absorb this information, and when you turn on the news and hear the debate being manipulated by the media and political establishment around the gun issue without noting the brand name drugs said suspect was on you are being mislead and brainwashed yourself.

You will never hear about the drugs because the advert right after the news blitz is none other than a Big Pharma anti-psychotic drug. Hello?! Does this conflict of interest seem glaring and blatant to anyone else?

There is a political agenda at foot, mainly gun legislation in America. This is being engineered into society in a insidious way.

The tragic shooting today was again a psychotic break induced by Big Pharma drugs

The business of creating psychotic breaks

Let's look at the bigger picture, mainly the connection between suicidial shooters and suicidal soldiers.

So what is the connection between gun laws, mass shootings and soldier suicides? Big Pharma. A look at the big picture is simply the PROGRAM of mind control at work with in our society. Engineered, orchestrated, implemented decades ago, and we are now seeing the results. Mass shootings weekly.

Mind control experimentation in lab settings have been proven and admittedly engaged in by our government. Stuff that makes the Nazi look tame. Clinton apologized for it publicly even, just watch the clip below.


They have taken this experimentation from the lab to the real world.

Essentially the trick to create psychotic breaks is a combination of drugs, video flicker rates and senseless violence. Violent video games, and war combat provide the violence, Big Pharma provides the overly prescribed SRRI hallucinogenic drugs and Bam you have a psychotic break.

Drug, Kill, Suicide is the program.

People that subject themselves to this combination whether a solider or a video gamer carry out the program of getting on prescribed drugs, killing virtual and real innocents,  then turning the gun kill themselves.

A good programed victim executes himself every time. Sometimes they don't and you end up with bizarre court cases like the Batman Killer. Bizzarro world of psychiatric malpractice if not outright manipulation of the patient.

This is a large scale mind control operation to create masses of suicidal killers with in our population for the sole purpose of creating a panic and fear to take guns from law abiding citizens.

Your tax payer money is being used to pay think tanks to come up with social engineering projects to effect political change in America towards a totalitarian state. Don't get sucked into the debate and the talking points of mainstream media. Understand that we are under scientific social engineered control in this country and to give up our guns would be the final nail in the coffin of Liberty here in America.

The difference between the child killer today in the news or the child killer war vets that take suicide is nothing more than the brand name of drugs they were prescribed to them by the drug pushing death dealing Pharmaceutical industry and the type of violence exposed too. That is real truth America, Wake Up!



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Big Pharma, Drugs, Shooting, Mass

By Archie on Tuesday, December 18, 2012 @ 1:39 PM
Gun Crazy
Don’t let the government suck anyone into believing that guns are the problem and they need to take them all away.
Guns are never the problem. They are just a machine. They do nothing until a person picks one up.
The problem is always with the person. Never the gun.
How does a person sink to such a low state of inhumanity to shoot and kill children?
What can turn a person into a brain dead killer of innocent children?
That’s the question Obama should be asking.

You need to get at the cause of the action not the outcome.
The cause is whatever it is that can reduce a person to such a level of insanity that they can do something like this without any feelings or remorse and without a second thought of the consequences of what they are doing.

What could possibly turn a person into such an unaware zombie?

Is it violent video games?
Is it movies that show people doing impossible feats of survival in violent situations?

What can dumb a mind down to such an extent that the person no longer can see real people any more and loses all touch with humanity and reality?

If “mind altering” drugs come to mind you are well on your way to understanding what is happening.
Prozac and Ritalin are good examples.
Street drugs do it even more so.
A person on any sort of psych drug/street drug becomes unpredictable.
The only difference between these drugs is the degree of mind alteration.
They alter the mind and make people crazy.
To the point where they no longer know or care what they are doing.
They are not just, “off with the fairies” they become “off with the devil”.

Today drugs are rife in the community.
The rise in violent children slaughtering crime follows exactly the rise in the development of more and more potent mind altering drugs.

The problem is drugs not guns.

Get rid of the drugs and you save your child.
Give your child ANY sort of mind drug and you contribute to the problem no matter your excuse.
Many foods today are already spiked with pest killing poisons. These are not food for the brain.
Good fresh organically grown food served with love will save your kid’s brain (and your own).
Good fresh organically grown food will completely remove the need for Ritalin and all the other psych drugs they prescribe for the conditions they invent such and ADHD and other similar nonsense.

Start with getting rid of the drug pushing psychiatrist and his false and invalid diagnosis and you will get rid of the greater part of these, brain dead and out of their mind, kid killers.

Better still educate your kids about drugs and the real truth about how they damage a person’s brain and body.
The popular idea that you are not having “fun” until you are stoned is not actually true. The only fun you will ever know is the fun you can clearly remember. The times when you really knew what you were doing.

These senseless killings are done by stupid drug crazed zombies.
It has nothing to do with guns.

You don’t need money and prayers to comfort the bereaved. You need knowledge and understanding of what is going on to address the cause of the problem so it doesn’t happen in the first place.

We all need good clean chemically free food for a clear thinking mind and we need the eradication of the drug culture and the drug pushers starting with some cool calm factual education about what drugs are and what they do. Police raids do not handle the cause of the drug culture. Dramatic TV scare campaigns which explain nothing and don’t educate anybody won’t handle it either. Only when people fully understand the whole drug story and at the same time have better solutions to their everyday problems will the drug problem and culture go away.

Merv Nash

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