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Terrorist Mind Reading Technology Throws False Positives

By Jason Charles| | Jun. 1, 2011

Anybody with a rudimentary level of understanding as to how the brain works and functions knows the analysis of brain waves and its activity via electronic software to determine who may or may not be a violent criminal is junk science at best. This doesn't stop the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) from spending millions of dollars on a technology that supposedly will stop criminals by scanning their brains for indicators of violence in public spaces.

On one hand we have scientists and neurosurgeons who actually study the complex neural networks of the human brain and how it can heal itself and bypass damaged areas of the brain. Take the example of Rep. Giffords who was shot in the head by gunman Jared Loughner Jan. 8 in Tucson.

In the FOX News article doctors are hoping that she get's cognitive function back as the brain begins to reroute information around the damaged area.

"The brain is incredibly complex. It consists of approximately 100 billion nerve cells and controls just about everything we do. 

So when someone suffers a  traumatic brain injury — doctors can only hope that the brain adapts and rewires its circuits in new ways. And that's exactly the kind of flexibility that doctors and rehabilitation specialists hope to encourage in Gabrielle Giffords, the brain-injured Arizona congresswoman."

This speaks to the incredible and miraculous healing properties of the brain, but on the other hand we have the ever so oppurtuniistic security sector rolling out technologies that are based off a particular subset of predetermined normal brain function patterns which supposedly indicates either non-violent or violent intentions of a subject being scanned.

The issue is that anyone who has ever had any sort of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) of any degree are walking around being scanned by software and showing up with abnormal brain activity. In fact according to this study things as simple as overeating or drug use can rewire the brain in such a way as to show up as abnormal brain activity.
"Is Food Addictive? Researchers are considering the idea that the urge to overeat may be caused by the same neurological mechanisms that form drug addiction. A recent study conducted by Dr. Paul Kenny, a researcher at the Scripps Research Institute in Florida, found that the development of obesity in laboratory rats was accompanied by a change in brain chemistry—an alteration directly linked to pleasure responses in the rats’ brains."

According to statistics put out by the CDC each year, an estimated 1.7 million people sustain a TBI related injury annually. This can range from concussions to serious brain damage as in the case of Rep. Giffords. This means that there are literally millions of people in our population whose brains have been rewired naturally as part of the healing process and could very well be flagged as potential terrorists and pulled out of lines at airports because they register "abnormal" brain activity.

The headlines are full of departments and universities eager to utilize this brain reading technology before we even can claim a rudimentary understanding of the brain function. Even more appalling than reading our minds is the fact the security state is determined to launch these technologies all across America in direct violation of our 4th amendment rights and there is no proof that such technology is even remotely effective. At this point our thoughts are not even safe from the prying eyes of Big Brother.

The fact is we are quickly entering into a Brave New World where our brain scans and mannerisms must be squeaky clean if we are to board planes, ride buses and shop in public squares without harrassment from the police state.

In fact one study claims to have identified the actual brain waves that indicate guilty in would be violent criminals.

"The Northwestern scientists correlated the strongest brain waves with "guilty knowledge" every time. Weaker P300 waves were seen when subjects saw images not associated with their planned attack. Scientists also examined P300 waves from the students in the group that was planning vacations, and did not falsely identify any of them as terrorists.

The P300 waves could be even more pronounced in real terrorists, said Rosenfeld. The college students spent a mere 30 minutes planning out their attack. Real terrorists would likely spend days, weeks or months planning an attack, which should mean even stronger P300 waves.

While the terrorists plan their attack, they could also plan their defense. That's because P300 brain waves can, or at least could, be defeated. By artificially creating a strong response to an image that is unrelated to their attack, terrorists could have a countermeasure against the electrodes."

As you can see scientists are cashing in on the massive amounts of spending by the federal government on security state technologies. Why because that is the only money available anymore, Slavery, inc is employing more and more people every year and nobody not even the "rational" scientists are stopping to think about the consequences of such actions on the future of humanity.


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