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Joe Scarborough Guilty of Murdering His Former Aide? Medical Examiner Fired Over False Autopsy Report

By Jonathan | | Mar. 13, 2008

Morning Joe is hosted with Joe Scarborough and co-hosts Mika Brzezinski, daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Willie Geist.  Willie Geist recently made insulting and ridiculous comments about how 911 Truthers should be in the "Secret Prisons" in Eastern Europe.  He is really skating on thin ice since Joe was a lead suspect in a murder case that got washed away in the news 7 years ago.  For getting away with murder while a congressman, Joe Scarborough should be in jail.  For Willie to accuse anyone of needing to be in prison is repulsing.  As a tribute to the 911 Truth movement, here is your ammo to get Scarborough with.  Call into his show, call his friends and co-workers.  This story should resurface in the name of fighting tyranny, especially someone who wants to wage a verbal war on who should go to jail.  Willie Geist, you will not get away with your comments and should be ashamed of yourself for even saying anything remotely like that.  Joe Scarborough, you are a coward ex-congressman and should cooperate with the public on telling the truth a little more.

In May 2001, Representative Gary Condit became the subject of national news coverage after the April 30 disappearance of Chandra Levy, a young woman working as a Washington, D.C. intern originally from Condit's district. Police questioned him twice, and Condit denied having an affair with her; however, after Levy's aunt went public with conversations she had had with her missing niece about the adulterous liaison, police questioned him a third time, and Condit confessed to the relationship.  When the affair began, Condit was 53 and Levy was 23.

While the press was pushing the Condit-Levy Scandal in the public's eye, another one slipped the attention of the mainstream news networks.

Lori Klausutis, an aide of Joe Scarborough, was found dead in Scarborough's own office with a smashed skull (multiple fractures, front and back) at the very same time Levy went missing.  Official reports of the death of Lori Klausutis, the 28-year-old aide to Joe Scarborough, have been contradictory and suspicious. Initial reports said there were no signs of trauma; the autopsy reported a "scratch and a bruise" where Lori's head hit her desk, a fact which was initially concealed by the medical examiner because "The last thing we wanted was 40 questions about a head injury." Then we learned the examiner, Michael Berkland, had his license revoked in Missouri in 1998, and suspended for six years in Florida in 1999. Now the Fort Walton Beach police are refusing to release reports about Lori's death, citing an "open investigation." Do the police believe Lori was murdered? The Northwest Florida Daily News wants to know, and so do we.

Scarborough resigned right after this incident.  The official reason Scarborough resigned from congress, which is really an extraoodinary thing to do anyway out of the blue, was he wanted to "spend more time with his family," which was kind of odd, since he had recently separated from his wife, who had custody.  they had a divorce over, you guessed it, an affair.  Scarborough's office is right over a popular waterfront restaurant, the fish house, owned by a friend of his, Collier Merrill.  The restaurant has a back room available for private parties, and Joe would use the room for his many extra-marital affairs.  The story at the time was: there was a potential scandal when Joe was caught with a much younger woman, so Joe resigned in anticipation.

A young and atractive female employee of one of Florida's Congressmen Joe Scarborough, Lori died unexpectedly in the Congressman's office. There were no witnesses to her death and the cause of death was not apparent. Klausutis' boss, Scarborough, had recently resigned from Congress prematurely and unexpectedly, amid rumors about his marital fidelity and soon after a divorce. The adultery accusations included his former aide, Lori.  He had also abruptly resigned as publisher of the Independent Florida Sun, claiming that resigning from Congress and as publisher was necessary to spend more time with his sons.

The results of the mandated autopsy, were deemed "inconclusive" by Dr. Michael Berkland, Medical Examiner. Michael Berkland concluded that Joe Scarborough's aide Lori Klausutis died as a result of a blow to the head because an undiagnosed heart condition caused her to collapse and fall, hitting her head on the desk. But Berkland's credibility is in doubt because his Missouri license was revoked in 1998 for falsifying a report; after moving to Florida, his license was suspended in 1999 for six years.  It is a matter of public record that Dr. Berkland's medical license in the state of Missouri was revoked in 1998 as a result of Berkland reporting false information regarding brain tissue samples in a 1996 autopsy report. Berkland does not deny the charges.  Moreover, there appear to be inconsistencies in Berkland's report. Reporters Denis Wright and Chris George of American Politics Journal are seeking answers from Dr. Stephen Nelson, Chair of the Medical Examiners Commission, an appointee of, you guessed it, Jeb Bush.

In the final autopsy report, Dr. Berkland wrote off all those devastating injuries to heart failure. According to Berkland, Klausutis had fainted from a weak heart and hit her head on the desk, an unlikely scenario considering the massive damage to the victim's skull.

Showing an incredible lack of professionalism, the local press swallowed this story whole, even the seeming contradiction about a failing heart having been capable of pumping more than a half cup of blood to form the hematoma. Medical science suggests that, if Klausutis's heart was so weak that it failed to pump enough blood to her brain to maintain consciousness, that same heart would not pump enough blood to form the hematoma.

With Berkland's confusing-and medically improbable-scenario securely within the official case file, the case was closed. No more questions. No more answers.

How a man with such an egregious record could be placed in charge of a death as suspicious as that of Lori Klausutis is a mystery. However, it may be less puzzling when one examines the degree to which the medical examiner's office has been politicized. According to federal elections commission records accesses through the center for responsive politics, between January and October 1994, Berkland's immediate supervisor, Dr. Gary Cumberland, gave $3000 to Joe Scarborough's election campaign. Mrs. Cumberland gave $2,607. Both donations, which are apparently hard money donations, would seem to exceed legal federal limits. Dr. Cumberland has since given $2000 to Scarborough. A suspicious mind might ask whether those contributions were bribes or kickbacks.

Lori was a member of St. Mary's Catholic Church where she sang in the choir and was also a cantor. She was a former president of the Young Republicans and was serving as treasurer at the time of her passing.

Lori graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia School of Journalism and was working on completing her MBA from the University of West Florida. She was also a member of the Sigma Kappa Sorority.

She performed in "Wild Wild Women" with the Stagecrafters. She was also on the boards of the Fort Walton Beach Youth Symphony and a member of the Fort Walton Beach Jaycees.

Survivors include her husband, T.J. Klausutis of Niceville; parents, Larry and Linda Bolterstein of Marietta, Georgia; sister, Kelly Ann Bolterstein of Atlanta, Ga.; father- and mother-in-law, Norm and Carol Klausutis of Niceville; brother- and sisters-in-law, Michael and Laurie Klausutis of Valparaiso, Fla., and Kristen Klausutis of Niceville; and grandparents, Leo and Heneretta Leja of Fraser, Mich.

Funeral services were held Wednesday, July 25, 2001 at St. Mary's Catholic Church at with Father Paul White officiating. She was buried in the Heritage Gardens Cemetery in Niceville.

McLaughlin Mortuary took charge of burial arrangements.

Rep. Joe Scarborough, whose 28-year-old aide Lori Klausutis was found dead in July, quit Congress to "spend more time with his family." His unusual mid-term resignation led to a special election, starting with a primary on July 24. Once again, the winner (State Rep. Jeff Miller) was "selected" by - you guessed it - Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris. Only this time, they screwed a bunch of competing Republican candidates, who refuse to get over it. Rev. David Reddick, a right-wing pastor and talk show host, has filed a lawsuit, and other candidates may follow. It just goes to show that there is no honor among thieves.

Joe Jokes About Killing Her!

On Imus' Show, Joe Scarborough Laughed about Dead Staffer
June 7, 2003

"Conservative MSNBC news host Joe Scarborough was a guest on MSNBC's Imus show last Thursday, May 29. In complementing Scarborough on his sense of humor, Imus said, 'Don't be afraid to be funny, because you are funny. I asked you why you aren't in Congress. You said that you had sex with the intern and then you had to kill her.' To which Scarborough laughed, 'Yeah, ha, ha ha, well, what are you gonna do?'"

As the Political Amazon ( wrote, "Lori Klausutis is the Scarborough intern who was found dead in Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office on July 21, 2001. At the same time that cable news shows on Fox and MSNBC were hounding Democratic Rep. Gary Condit over the disappearance of Chandra Levy... Scarborough appears to have been granted a free pass... Regardless of whether Scarborough actually murdered Lori Klaustis, his casual joking about her death is inexcusable."

Here are the facts.

Lori Klausutis had a seemingly happy life. A devoted husband who listed on his online homepage "being married to Lori" as one of the honors he enjoyed, a new home in Niceville and a Catholic congregation where she was a cantor and in whose choir she sang, were some of the elements of the Good Life she enjoyed. Her husband, Dr. Timothy Klausutis, did research and development for the munitions group at nearby Eglin Air Force Base, where he presumably made a good livelihood. Although Lori hailed from the Atlanta, Georgia area where she had attended school, there were numerous family members in the area. According to her obituary in the Fort Walton Daily News, Lori had served as President and, later, Treasurer, for the Emerald Coast Young Republicans and as a aide to Congressman Scarborough, she was active during the Florida recounts. A former neighbor, Barbara Cromer, said "Every morning, I would see her run while I walked. We'd wave to each other as we passed. I loved Lori so much. She was wonderful. She was a kind, generous person, so sweet.

Then, on Friday, July 20th, the body of Lori Klausutis, 28, was found slumped next to a desk on the floor of Florida Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough's Fort Walton Beach office where Lori had served as a constituent services coordinator since May, 1999. Her body was found around 8:00 a.m. on Friday morning by a couple arriving for an appointment. She had been dead for some time. A second employee, who would have normally arrived for work at around the same time, was away on vacation. Police cordoned off the area for investigation, later announcing that there was no reason to suspect foul play, nor were there signs of suicide.

Scarborough's office released a statement several hours after the discovery:

"My staff and family are greatly saddened by the loss of Lori Klausutis. I know Lori will be missed by the thousands of citizens who regularly contact my office to seek assistance with a variety of problems. May God grant Lori's family the grace, comfort and hope that will get them through this difficult time."

The Congressman returned to Florida that same day, and his office was quick to point out that it was not unusual for him to fly home for the weekend.

There was a great deal of ambiguity over whether Lori had suffered past medical problems. Scarborough's press secretary, Miguel Serrano, made mention of health problems in Lori's past, but could not be more specific. In response, Fort Walton Beach Police Chief Steve Hogue is quoted as saying "That's part of our investigation, checking into her medical history." Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Berkland said "She had a past medical history that was significant, but it remains to be seen whether that played a role in her death". Soon after a member of the immediate family rejected out of hand that Lori had any significant medical problems. She was, in fact, quite an athlete, having recently run an 8K with a very respectable time and she belonged to the Northwest Florida Track Club.

The Northwest Florida Daily News had an article published on their website from 8/29/2001 titled, "Klausutis head injury more severe than previously reported" just after publishing an article demanding the release of the reports.  Both articles are now missing, but still exist in the database.  The article published 8/23/2001 "Northwest Florida Daily news calls for release of Klausutis records" was the investigative piece that NWDaily News dropped all together, but why?

September 1, 2001 (APJP) -- Over at The American Prospect's message board thread concerning this very article, Phoenix Woman has asked a trolling Scarborough "defender" three pivotal questions.  We'd love to know the answers ourselves:

1) If Lori's death was just a simple accident, then why did Rep. Scarborough and his spokesman Miguel Serrano feel the need to go to two different local TV stations within three hours of her body's being found and invent a nonexistent history of chronic medical conditions for her -- in other words, why did they feel the need to lie about Lori's health?

2) Would you trust without question the word of a Medical Examiner who lost his ME license in two separate states (Missouri and Florida) because he LIED about his autopsy work (for instance, saying he had autopsied some brains when he hadn't)?

3) Why should whoever wrote Ms. Klausutis's obituary feel it was appropriate to mention nearly everything about her life -- EXCEPT where she'd been working since 1999? 

A recent check of the Young Republican's web site found no mention of Lori or her contributions, nor any tribute to her memory nor comments about her passing. In fact, you will find no mention of her at all. If you go to The Pensacola News Journal's online pages, one of the few papers that actually covered the story, and search the site for "Klausutis" you will come up empty, even though the same search will pull up numerous stories matching "Scarborough". It seems as though someone wants to erase all traces of Lori Klausutis from the record and bury the story with her.

It's an increasingly puzzling case. We are reminded of the famous Kitty Genovese case, in New York, in 1964, where a young woman pleaded for her life over the period of 30 minutes, while neighbors ignored her cries. The assailant returned three times to stab her. With Lori Klausutis, it seems possible that a corrupt North Florida establishment is determined to keep the lid on the case, even if that means silencing the news. And our esteemed news media, from the supposed mainstream liberal press stalwarts to the near delusional on air shouters of the channel that just reports so that you can decide, willingly turn the other way and ignore Lori Klausutis. But they continue to chatter endlessly in speculation over Chandra Levy. In so doing, they ignore the cries of truth, they deny their viewers access to the truth and they utterly, once and for all, betray our faith and trust in the media.

At Least Chandra Levy Wasn't Found Dead in Condit's Office - Why is Joe Scarborough Appearing as a Republican Spokesman on Hardball?

Jackson Thoreau wrote in his editorial: "Did anyone else object to seeing former Florida Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough - the Reps' answer to Gary Condit - on MSNBC's Hardball Tuesday as a party debate member against a Democratic Congresswoman from California on Iraq? That's like the Democrats putting up fellow accused adulterer and former California Congressman Gary Condit. Since Scarborough was forced to resign his seat in 2001 after an alleged extramarital affair with aide Lori Klausutis, who was found dead in his office with a major head injury...Scarborough has found a good living as a Republican media whore on Hardball and other shows. Bush even appointed him to the Resident's Council on the 21st Century Workforce, where he serves with Labor Secretary Chao. Meanwhile, Condit, whose mistress at least did not die in his office and was never linked to her disappearance, has been exiled, probably never to be heard from again. Does anyone besides me see the hypocrisy in this treatment?"

The Northwest Florida Daily News was the only media outlet reporting on the mysterious death of Lori Klausutis. "An autopsy and blood tests have not revealed why 28-year-old Lori Klausutis died, Associate Medical Examiner Dr. Michael Berkland said Friday. Nothing in the blood tests showed how Klausutis died seven days ago, Berkland said. The autopsy also was not conclusive, though the medical examiner did say that there was no evidence of foul play... Berkland said the next step in determining the cause of Klausutis' death will be to examine and run tests on tissue samples under the microscope... Berkland could not speculate Friday about when further examinations would be complete or when a cause of death might be established."


9-11 widow questions why MSNBC host silenced her

Scarborough Country becomes “9-11 Spin Country” as Ellen Mariani says her microphone was abruptly shut off in the middle of her September 11 expose during an interview Monday night. U.S. intelligence sources say the national cover-up of the mysterious death of host Joe Scarborough’s former female congressional aide—found in his district office—is linked to why the truth about 9-11 was cut off by the MSNBC host

by Tom Flocco and Stew Webb

Ellen Mariani

Denver—December 8, 2005— &—9-11 widow Ellen Mariani’s allegations of disrespect by the host Joe Scarborough during her MSNBC interview attempt to explain government involvement in the September 11 attacks raises questions as to whether the national cover-up of the dead body of Scarborough’s former 28-year-old female staffer found in his Fort Walton Beach, Florida congressional office in 2001 is linked to the MSNBC job protecting the public’s right to know—or preventing truth about 9-11 from becoming a factor in exposing White House crime family evidence.

After Mariani called us yesterday in dismay regarding how she was treated on-air by Scarborough, members of U.S. intelligence were contacted to find out why the normally affable Scarborough cut off Mariani’s comments about September 11 since she was the first victim family member to sue the Bush administration for direct involvement in the attacks—also refusing to join the other victim families in accepting millions in congressional “compensation” in return for signing a legal document promising never to sue the U.S. government or seek 9-11 criminal evidence in a courtroom.

Sources within United States intelligence Special Operations Group told us yesterday that former congressional staff aide Lori Kaye Klausutis was found dead at her desk in Scarborough’s office and that she had been reading secret explosive “True Colors” documents, raising questions as to how and why Scarborough was in possession of transcripts detailing illegal covert operations conducted by and linked directly to White House crime families.

U.S. intelligence officials were specific in their reports that “a P-2 team of three operatives from Central Intelligence suffocated her in Scarborough’s Florida district office recently after his divorce,” information blacked out by all U.S. national media outlets.

The source told us he would be willing to come forward at a later date if subpoenaed by the Fitzgerald grand jury or possibly appear on a major cable news outlet.

Intelligence officials said the top-secret True Colors files dealt with 1) government involvement in the 9-11 attacks, 2) White House-sponsored “death squads”—including state and local police known as “red squad” units also involving FBI Division 5 and other federal counter-intelligence groups within government agencies, 3) the Oklahoma City bombing and 4) evidence involving some 150 witnesses implicating former President George H. W. Bush, former President Bill and First Lady Hillary Clinton and then-Texas Governor George W. Bush and others in the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr., who told family members he was planning to run against Hillary Clinton or George W. Bush in 2000.


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