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‘COPS’ Creator Reveals Intentional Distortions on Race and Crime

By Guy Benson | | Jun. 1, 2011

Political correctness dictates that many subjects related to race -- which, admittedly are often delicate and complex -- should be quietly swept under the rug by polite society.  Unbowed by the taboo, Ben Shapiro confronts both race and political correctness in his new book, Primetime Propaganda.  Ben has provided another short clip exclusively to Townhall, this time featuring an interview he conducted with John Langley, the creator of the long-running FOX program, COPS.   Langley says he's irked by some media critics who accuse the show of perpetuating stereotypes about "people of color" by depicting a disproportionate percentage of minority suspects.  Au Contraire, Langley protests, he intentionally shows an inordinate number of white suspects in order to side-step the facts.  "I show more white people than, statistically, what the truth is."  Listen for yourself:

Ben adds the somewhat provocative tagline: "Being statistically accurate is not a stereotype."  Is COPS acting unethically by deliberately manipulating the numbers?  You decide.  Ben makes his case in Primetime Propaganda, an overview of which is available HERE.

UPDATE - Some newspapers make it official policy to omit racial descriptors in crime reporting, even if a suspect remains on the loose.  That reeks of irresponsible, politically-correct journalism.  But should an entertainment show like COPS be held to a different standard?


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