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Police shoot man in Florida then point guns at bystanders who video taped it | Jun. 7, 2011

View the video here

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) -- New video has been released of a police-involved shooting that took place on Miami Beach during Urban Beach Weekend.

Ericka Davis and her boyfriend, Narciss Benoit, captured the video on a cell phone as police fired shots at a blue Hyundai driven by Raymond Herisse, while citizens stood feet away from the gunfire, last week. Herisse was fatally shot and four innocent bystanders injured.

The couple said police then intimidated those who were recording the shooting. According to Benoit, when an officer saw him with his cell phone video camera, he yelled expletives and said, "Wanna be a paparazzi?"

Benoit said, from that point on, the situation got worse and more frightening. "He didn't say nothing," said Benoit. "He just snatched me by my hair and threw me on the ground, stepped on my back, threw [my cell phone] on the floor, stepped on it and was cursing me out the whole time."

"It was absolutely ridiculous. They put guns to our heads," Davis said.

The video showed an officer as he pointed his firearm into Benoit's car. According to Benoit, police stopped his cell phone from recording, but he said he removed his memory card from the phone and hid it under his tongue.

Benoit and Davis contacted an attorney because they feel that police violated their rights.

Benoit said police also stepped on the phones of other witnesses who were recording video during the shooting.

A Miami Beach Police spokesperson said the department would not comment on the matter because it is pending litigation and an internal review remain ongoing.

Police also continue to investigate the shootings.


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