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Don’t Let Obama Campaign Fronts Infiltrate OWS – Occupy The Fed

By Paul Joseph Watson | | Oct. 6, 2011

Join Alex Jones to strike a crushing blow against the true financial oligarchy 

With Obama campaign front groups desperately scrambling to infiltrate and subvert the Occupy Wall Street movement and exploit it as a re-election tool for the Wall Street-financed Obama administration, joining the revolution against the true source of economic corruption, the Federal Reserve, is a historic opportunity for Americans to strike a crushing blow against the real financial oligarchy.

Helping to craft the narrative of the protests that we now see spreading across American is imperative. Leftist foundations and Obama front groups are now actively trying to hijack the Occupy Wall Street movement to neutralize its impact and exploit thousands of energized young activists into becoming a campaign tool for Obama’s re-election.

As we have documented,, an Obama front group that aggressively lobbied for and supported an administration that was elected with the aid of millions in Wall Street funding, is now posing as the spearhead of Occupy Wall Street.

From having virtually nothing on its website about OWS last week, today is saturated with Occupy Wall Street coverage., as well as other Obama front groups that have penetrated the leadership of Occupy Wall Street, including AFL-CIO and SEIU (Service Employees International Union), are now working to divert the protesters down the dead end of advocating big government socialism as the answer to America’s financial corruption.

The corporate media has hyped the myth that all the protesters are Communists and crazed leftist radicals in a bid to drown out the penetrating voices of activists who cut across partisan lines by offering real solutions like abolishing the Fed and ending the fiat money system.

However, many of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators have been conned into advocating a “solution,” the Buffett tax rule, which is backed by the Wall Street financed Obama administration itself. In reality, this proposed new law will do nothing to touch Wall Street but will bankrupt countless middle class businesses and worsen America’s economic decline for everyone but the super-rich.

In reality, it is the Federal Reserve, through its slush fund of tens of trillions in stolen bailout money, that has enabled Wall Street to prosper even as Americans labor under rising unemployment, poverty, record food stamp usage, a depreciating dollar, and a lowering of their living standards.

Demonstrating against the likes of Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, JP Morgan and Citigroup (the same groups that backed Obama) is all well and good – but none of these financial institutions would be able to unleash their greed upon the world without the aid of the Federal Reserve.

While Michael Moore has callously misled protesters by claiming the need to “end capitalism” is the solution while dismissing the Fed as “irrelevant,” in reality the Federal Reserve has made at least $16 trillion in secret loans to big banks, while conspiring with Wall Street to prevent that money from finding its way to the American people, elevating poverty and deliberately stalling any real kind of economic recovery, simply so these banks can accrue interest on deposits held with the Fed.

Indeed, banks that received bailout money did not increase their lending to struggling Americans, and refused to lend to smaller local banks, causing the banks to collapse and allowing the likes of Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Citigroup to pick off their competition.

Wall Street corruption is merely a symptom of the cancer that is the Federal Reserve. The sooner we can communicate that message to the OWS protesters and force the media to report on it, the nearer we will be to overseeing a true revolution against economic tyranny.

Join Alex Jones at the Federal Reserve locations listed below over the next three days to target the real source of our financial oppression – the private, run for profit Fed.


Dallas Federal Reserve
Friday Oct. 7 @ 6pm
2200 North Pearl Street
Dallas, TX 75201-2272
(214) 922-6000

Houston Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve
Sat. Oct. 8 @ High Noon
1801 Allen Pkwy
Houston, TX 77019-2507
(713) 483-3000

San Antonio Branch of the Dallas Federal Reserve
Sunday Oct. 9 @ 10am – Noon
126 E Nueva
San Antonio, TX 78204-1020
(210) 224-2141



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