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Raw milk 'crimes' are taking place today in front of FDA headquarters

By Mike Adams | | Nov. 1, 2011

(NaturalNews) The much-awaited Raw Milk Freedom Riders event is here! It's happening today, November 1, and it's being covered with a live broadcast by Robert Scott Bell on the NaturalNews Radio Network. You can listen in to the live broadcast at

Check out the breaking news and videos from the event at

That website also has a map of the location if you'd like to join in the caravan of moms who are planning on transporting raw milk across state lines, in direct violation of current FDA regulations (which make no sense). They plan on eating raw milk and cookies in protest while Robert Scott Bell and Adam Kokesh from Adam vs. the Man ride along as "embedded reporters."

Helping support the press coverage of the event are three generous sponsors who believe in fundamental food freedoms in America. Please support these sponsors with your goodwill:

Helping America -
Boku SuperFood -
Electric Body -

Will the raw milk moms be arrested?

We don't yet know what will happen when the raw milk freedom riders set out to commit "milk crimes" as they approach the headquarters of the US Food and Drug Administration.

Will they be arrested at the Maryland border? Will they be marched off in handcuffs and have their vehicles confiscated? Will their breasts be confiscated, too, because they also produce raw milk? (Can you imagine the FDA ordering double mastectomies to stop the "crime" of women producing raw milk?)

Or will the FDA simply ignore all this and try to avoid any public embarrassment?

To target raw milk, the FDA currently runs a network of raw milk spies who infiltrate raw milk networks at the local level ( It operates in secret, like a slithering snake on the prowl, but is afraid of any real public scrutiny on this issue. And why is that? Because everybody knows that outlawing raw milk is un-American!

It is one of the most outlandish and oppressive regulatory bungles that has ever been dreamed up by the FDA. Americans almost universally believe that it should not be a crime to buy raw milk from your local farmer, especially if people buying the milk are simply made aware of the (very small) risk of possible bacteria in that milk.

So join us for this historical event as a courageous group of Raw Milk Freedom Riders take on the FDA today!

Listen to the live broadcast at

Or catch the latest developments at


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