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Report: UK soldiers rape Afghan kids

Press TV | Jan. 19, 2011
Two British soldiers fighting in Afghanistan have been accused of raping two children aged ten in the war-ravaged country, a report has revealed.

UK officials said on Wednesday that they are investigating allegations of “inappropriate behavior” by the soldiers, The Sun reported.

According to the paper, the solders filmed raping a boy and a girl separately and showed the video to other servicemen who reported them.

"We take any such allegation extremely seriously," the British Ministry of Defense said. "It would be inappropriate to comment further while an investigation is ongoing."

Afghan President Hamid Karzai's office said the government is "immensely disgusted by the rise in recent incidents of immoral nature among foreign soldiers."

The Afghan government also called on Britain to investigate and punish anyone involved.

The incident comes one week after a video emerged showing US Marines urinating on dead Taliban fighters, that caused outrage across Afghanistan.


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