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Silver bullet for cancer: Metal can kill some tumours better than chemotherapy with fewer side effects

By Anthony Bond | Daily Mail | Feb. 2, 2012

Silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects, new research claims.

Scientists say that old wives tales about the precious metal being a ‘silver bullet’ to beat the Big C could be true.

The metal already has a wide range of medicinal uses and is a common antiseptic, antibiotic and means of purifying water in the third world.

Good news: Silver can kill some cancers as effectively as chemotherapy and with potentially fewer side effects, new research has claimed

And British researchers now say that silver compounds are as effective at killing certain cancer cells as a leading chemotherapy drug, but with potentially far fewer side-effects.

They compared it to Cisplatin, currently used to treat a wide variety of cancers, but known to have harsh side effects including nausea, vomiting and even kidney damage.

Silver is used already in everyday products such as deodorant with no known side-effects, and could make for a potentially cheaper alternative to platinum-based Cisplatin.

Researchers from the University of Leeds conducted lab tests which exposed breast and colon cancer cells to various silver-based chemicals over a six day period.

Results, published in journal Dalton Transactions, showed that these silver-compounds were ‘as effective as Cisplatin’ at killing cancer with potentially fewer side effects.

While the team are still unsure about how exactly silver battles cancer, they think its effectiveness may be caused by the structure surrounding silver atoms, known as its ligand.


Way forward: Researchers from the University of Leeds found that silver could be used to help defeat breast cancer

Way forward: Researchers from the University of Leeds found that silver could be used to help defeat breast cancer

They think this may help release the silver ion into cells when it enters the body, killing any cancer.

Study author Dr Charlotte Willans plans to spend the next year looking closely at what effect silver has on both cancerous and healthy cells, and whether it could be a safe and effective new anti-cancer drug.

She said: 'It’s certainly an exciting discovery, although I think we have a lot of work to do in the future. It opens the doors in terms of what we can do and investigate.

'Getting these results also gives us the opportunity we need to apply for funding to take the research further.

'This could lead to a cheaper, less toxic alternative to current treatments for cancer.'

Explaining the research in greater detail, Dr Willans added: 'As many are unfortunately aware, chemotherapy can be a very gruelling experience for the patient.

'Finding effective, yet non-toxic drugs is an ongoing problem, but these preliminary results are an important step in solving it.

'Our research has looked at the structure which surrounds a central silver atom. This "shrubbery" is what determines how reactive it is and what it will interact with.

'Our research has used different types of these ligands to see which is the most effective against cancer cells.'


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By sparkplug on Tuesday, February 7, 2012 @ 3:05 PM
Much more economical and faster is a Dr. Bob Beck electronic device. When used as he instructed, it will kill cancer and all other similar viruses in the blood. It is reported that several treatments and two or more weeks are usually required for the body to remove the dead viruses and materials from the blood and body. However, it can be done at home and poisons are removed from the body, instead of being injected as is done with "chemotherapy." Also, participants in "electroherbalism" have reported for several years that they have cured various diseases in themselves and their family members with distilled water that has been electrically treated with silver. Over short period of time, 3-5 weeks of daily drinking the silver-charged water, the silver kills viruses and germs, which the body removes as excrement. The Dr. Beck device can also be used to electrically treat water with silver molecules. It is safer to buy a tested Dr. Beck device than to make one yourself. They can be bought for about $125 with a 2-yr guarantee.

By sparkplug on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 12:47 PM
The poisons used in chemotherapy kill only fresh, immature cancer cells, but do not penetrate the cell wall of mature cancer cells. Sadly enough, between 8-12 times as many healthy, non-cancerous cells are killed as are cancer cells. After four of the former treatment doses, currently 6-7 of the smaller doses of chemotherapy poisons, the immune system is severely crippled and the defense system in general is depleted. Accurately stated, fewer patient-victims die of cancer than of organ failure, due to the damage done by the chemotherapy poisons. The currently administered 6-10 smaller doses of chemotherapy poisons take longer to kill a patient-victim than the former, larger doses. The life of the cancer patient-victim is not lengthened, rather death of the chemotherapy victim is dragged out a little longer.

For two years, some unethical, NAZI-type physicians offer patients "chemotherapy" while dragging out a diagnosis, with the idea, "just to be sure, in case you have cancer." This unscrupulous behavior is done in an attempt to lower the death rate from about 92% after treatment by Oncology. Since chemotherapy poisons deplete the health of the body, the word "therapy" should be removed from "chemotherapy," as poisoning a patient to death is not therapy. Realistically viewed, it is manslaughter. All cancer-cure campaigns that request donations are frauds. Such campaigns suppress the natural cures that have existed for hundreds of years, and too often physicians who use the natural cures successfully. The tax-free, cancer-cure campaigns create PR propaganda for various pharma preparations, which "medications" work only to reap tremendous profits for pharma companies and unscrupulous physicians that prescribe them. Read "Knockout," by Suzanne Somers, for genuine enlightenment.

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