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Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act qualifies for the November 2012 ballot

By Michael Roberts | | Feb. 27, 2012

​The Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act has reached its goal of qualifying for the November 2012 ballot. Organizers like proponent Mason Tvert needed 86,105 valid signatures to win approval from the Secretary of State's office, but initially fell 2,409 shy. So they gathered more than 14,000 additional signatures to cure the shortfall -- and they wound up with room to spare.

According to the Secretary of State's office, the Regulate campaign initially submitted 163,632 signatures, but 79,936 of them were rejected for one reason or another. Hence, just 83,696 signatures were blessed by the office, leaving the initiative 2,409 of the magic number.

Backers had just over two weeks to solve this problem, and on February 17, several days prior to the deadline, they delivered another 14,151 signatures. The number of signatures deemed invalid from the second batch was over 50 percent: 7,381 of them received a thumbs-down. But that meant 6,770 made the grade, bringing the overall total to 90,466 -- 4,361 more than necessary.

The Regulate forces will mark this achievement tomorrow with a press conference scheduled for 2 p.m. tomorrow at the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol headquarters, 1177 Grant St., 3rd Floor. Check back for a preview of that event, staged on behalf of a measure that will appear on the ballot as Amendment 64 -- a measure that former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson said could eventually lead to the end of marijuana prohibition not just in Colorado, but across the globe.


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Civil Liberties :: 2114 Views :: 1 Comments
By sparkplug on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 @ 1:25 PM
The Chronicles of Chip Tatum, former CIA operative, explain how drugs were snuck into the US by US Army and Air Force Aircraft, with support of the GHWBushSr entourage.
The history of the governor of Arkansas, Wm. Clinton, and his involvement in the illegal drug running from the small airport in Mena, Arkansas, provided another view of the illegal drug running done by the USGovernment. Few persons need three guesses to produce the answer to why the USMilitary protects the poppy fields of Afghanistan and the coca plantations of Honduras and Columbia.

Thus, legalizing marijuana will interfere with the operation of the US Government on three fronts. One, it will interfere with the current illegal drug-running of heroin and cocaine products in the US and certain European countries. Two, the improvement in health of Americans will interfere with the profiteering of the pharma industry, big-business hospitals and US Government support of such debauchery. Three, the rich who operate the new prison system, with US Government support, will have less opportunity to prey on teen-agers and the poor, convicting them of a felony for possession of a piece of a marijuana cigarette, tossing them into the current prison system operated by rich criminals. These rich, criminal-types will also have less money to bribe the treasonous members of congress who support their criminal activity.

Holland and Portugal have demonstrated the wisdom of decriminalizing marijuana, as have Scandinavian countries. Such intelligent social behavior is not the goal of the current leadership of the US Government, which takes from the poor and gives to the rich, in the process of destroying the USA.

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