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NATO Summit Laid Ground Work for a U.S. Backed Global Government Army

By Jason Charles | Truth Alliance | May 25, 2012

This last weekend the NATO summit convened in Chicago amidst massive protest and police state build up. Topping the agenda, NATO Members and partner nations (PN) are said to be discussing Afghanistan and the role NATO played in the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya over this last year. What is really going on behind the scenes? The answer is a New World Order.

UN NATO summit cops blue helmets

U.N. Powder Blue Helmets given to Riot Police During Chicago NATO Summit

This is an important milestone summit for NATO, because it marks a transition in strategy in Afghanistan and more importantly it marks the new vision and role NATO has assumed as the enforcement arm of the UN.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization or NATO  was formed as an intergovernmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty which was ratified and signed on April 4th, 1949 to ensure the collective defense of its member states during the Cold War.

Though it's role as a security collective has changed over the course of the last century it has primarily been used as a peace keeping force to prevent regional wars from erupting into larger bloodier conflicts.

An example of such action is when the Clinton Administration used NATO, not the U.N., as the military instrument in the Balkan peacekeeping operation. Richard Holbrooke announced that peace talks had failed and called upon NATO for military action on March 23, 1999. The NATO bombing campaign lasted 4 months from March 24th to June 11th, 1999 and involved Tomahawk cruise missiles that were delivered from over 1000 aircrafts stationed in Italy and aircraft carriers in the Adriatic and was participated in by all NATO partner nations except for Greece.


This bombing campaign drew huge criticism in the U.S. and abroad due to the civilian casualties and almost a million refuges that fled their homes as a result of the 38,000 combat missions directed at Yugoslavian targets on the ground. One of the excuses the Clinton administration gave for the fall-out over the NATO mission was the lack of intelligence, and force integration of the NATO alliance members. Factories, roads, bridges, homes, civilians, friendly forces and even journalists were wrongly targeted and blamed on faulty Intel in the wake of the NATO backed peace keeping mission, which drew calls for war crime tribunals from the international community.

The need for force integration and Intel sharing was a highlighted objective to alleviate collateral damage in future NATO backed conflicts.


The Global War on Terror

On September 11, 2011, NATO expanded it's objectives to include the Global War on Terror. George W. Bush initiated on Sept. 11, 2001 for the first time Article 5. Article 5 commits member nations to the defense of any country facing an external threat. The U.S. led invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq along with the "Coalition of the Willing" provided the perfect opportunity for NATO partner nations to begin to integrate special operation forces, Intelligence systems, and their respective militaries across the board.

An article everyone should read by Rick Rozoff demonstrates how NATO forces are utilizing expansive training exercises in the Balkans and the Middle East to assist in the integration of these forces. There are on going training exercises and drills involving every level of the military and political hierarchy to create a seamless command structure. He writes,

"The U.S. and NATO have claimed that moving military forces and equipment into Eastern Europe, several thousand U.S. troops to Bulgaria and Romania at any given times along with jet fighters to the Baltic Sea region and missiles to Poland, is not in violation of the CFE treaty as they are not permanent deployments. But they are. NATO’s Baltic air policing mission, for example, has been conducted for almost six and a half years and, as seen above, is expanding in scope into the indefinite future.

Moreover, NATO’s four new members on the Baltic Sea – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland – have been transformed into training grounds for the Pentagon’s and NATO’s wars abroad, especially that in Afghanistan, and to prepare for potential confrontation and conflict with fellow Baltic littoral state Russia.

U.S. troops, warships and warplanes are present in the region on a regular basis, conducting military exercises several times a year."


A integral part in this objective was the creation of the NATO Special Operations Head Quarters located in Belgium where soldiers from the worlds elite special forces are learning to integrate and operate in unison on an unprecedented scale as shown in the video below.



A "Global Security Web"

The cited reason why special forces are increasingly being used as the go to vehicle for NATO led military action is because partner nations cannot contribute anywhere close to the financial and military commitments of the United States. A statement put out ahead of the NATO summit by the Atlantic Council sums up this strategic transition to special operation forces (SOF) below,

"Cooperation in Afghanistan has allowed allied SOF to gain valuable experience operating together, and NATO Special Operations Headquarters is an optimal platform for alliance members to continue cooperating in a cost-effective manner. This cooperation should be intensified and institutionalized. While conventional forces of member states often remain at home in the absence of major conflict, SOF are constantly deployed worldwide, generally in support of indigenous regional partners. While “out-of-area” major combat operations may be less likely going forward, SOF will continue to operate globally, and doing so in partnership through a NATO headquarters will help NATO maintain the gains in interoperability acquired over the last decade."


In reality the use of special forces has a much more sinister application and ties directly into the real objective and agenda behind NATO and the UN, mainly global governance. In fact it was Zbigniew Brzezinski and former Senator Gary Hart that brought this topic up in late 2009 as seen in the quotes below.


Gary Hart Wrote these very telling words in a Huffington Post article back in Nov. 2009 and continued to articulate this shift in NATO/Global policy in his book Under the Eagles Wings: A National Security Strategy of the United States for 2009

"Among the early lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq, however, is that 21st century conflict demands Special Forces and small unit capabilities even more than traditional big divisions, large carrier task groups, and long range strategic bombers.  Historic nation-state wars, though always plausible, are declining.  Irregular, unconventional warfare involving dispersed terrorist cells, stateless nations, insurgencies, and tribes, clans, and gangs are increasing dramatically."


On top of that policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski also shared this sentiment back in October 2009 when he spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations where he laid out the overarching vision for the NATO allied nations in a talk entitled An Agenda for NATO: Towards a Global Security Web and can be viewed in it's entirety in the video below.



The talking point that went out in the lead up to the Chicago NATO summit, was NATO is swiftly becoming a global security force, citing instances like Libya and Syria as a primary example and mirrors exactly what was brought up by Sen. Hart and Brzezinski back in 2009. In fact just this month President Obama and the NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen met ahead of the summit and articulated this very same sentiment in a White House Press Release this last week,

"...the President and the Secretary General discussed the importance of NATO’s partnerships with non-NATO countries. NATO is now a hub for a global network of security partners which have served alongside NATO forces in Afghanistan, Libya, and Kosovo."


We also saw SOCOM commander Adm. Bill McRaven and Deputy Director of Operations Brig. Gen. Sean Mulholland begin to detail what exactly the logistics and command structure of such a massive undertaking will look like when speaking to a May 7th, Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference.

"U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM) wants to establish a worldwide network linking special operations forces (SOF) of allied and partner nations to combat terrorism.

Championed by SOCOM commander Adm. Bill McRaven and Deputy Director of Operations Brig. Gen. Sean Mulholland, the network would comprise regional security coordination centers, organized and structured similarly to NATO SOF Headquarters in Mons, Belgium.

“Imagine the power a confederation of SOF interests could have. It could collectively increase its influence and operational reach around the globe,” Mulholland told participants at a May 7 Middle East Special Operations Commanders Conference here."


So how is NATO utilizing these special forces operatives to conduct operations that supposedly keep us safe from the scary terrorist groups and nation sponsors?

NATO: Running Drugs, and Weapons to Expand It's Global Power

An incredible article in the Wall Street Journal on March 10, 2012 exposed the fact that the $1.9 Billion dollars the U.S. poured into the Afghanistan Air Force (AAF) in the way of planes and helicopters were being used to run weapons and drugs. This operation was being conducted out of the Kabul Airport right under the nose of senior U.S. military and NATO coalition forces.

An investigation was opened on the matter after an AAF Afghanistan Colonel, Col Gul Col. "burst into a meeting room at the military side of Kabul airport and shot Col. Bryant, seven other U.S. service members and a U.S. contractor." over what is being attributed to a dispute involving the drugs leaving the base on AAF air strip called Ramp No. 5.

"About half of all incidents where Afghan servicemen turn on their coalition counterparts are the result of personal disputes, NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan said shortly after the April shooting, challenging the Taliban claim of having planted Col. Gul.

The current probe into alleged drugs and weapons transport continues to look into ramp No. 5. Investigators are also looking into movements at other military airfields used by the AAF, especially those close to northern border areas."


There can be no doubt at this point that NATO forces are allowing drugs and weapons to flow out of the country for profit. The ensuing money is being used to fund Pakistani\Taliban militants and Al- Qaeda forces by NATO to lead rebellions in the countries like Libya and Syria were CIA fomented student revolutions are being backed by ruthless bands of terrorists to overthrow the regimes in these nations.

View More Pictures of NATO Troops Guarding Opium

In fact straight from the horses mouth the New York Times quotes Gen. McChrystal despite protest from Afghanistan officials that the U.S. policy especially in places like Marja a major center for cultivation was to be left alone.

From Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal on down, the military’s position is clear: “U.S. forces no longer eradicate,” as one NATO official put it. Opium is the main livelihood of 60 to 70 percent of the farmers in Marja, which was seized from Taliban rebels in a major offensive last month. American Marines occupying the area are under orders to leave the farmers’ fields alone.


Though these allegations are hard to come to grips with for the average American, it is indeed true. In fact one of the most damaging pieces of evidence we have to date implicating direct knowledge and participation in these hideous crimes by high level U.S. and NATO officials comes from Sibel Edmonds. Sibel Edmonds was recruited by the FBI right after 9/11 as an FBI translator. As an translator with the FBI she was in a unique position to translate raw intelligence coming in from informants and agents who had direct knowledge of NATO, the U.S. and Turkey using elite criminal networks to smuggle weapons, drugs, classified intelligence and even nuclear arms to the highest bidders. As a result of her allegations and the ensuing cover-up by the Bush administration John Ascroft gagged her with the State Secrets Act, making here the most gagged women in U.S. history.

In her newly released book Classified Women where in candid detail, she reflects on the gag order placed on her by Ashcroft. She wonders just how deep and pervasive the corruption surrounding this global criminal syndicate goes.

"There were so many questions, and so many possible answers. I knew a lot. What caused this move by Ashcroft? Was it congressional corruption that involved one of the most powerful men in Congress and a few others there? Was it government officials within the State Department and Pentagon, on the payroll of foreign entities who sold our secrets, intelligence and technology? Did this have anything to do with narcotics trafficking, with some of those involved connected to the higher-ups at the State Department, Pentagon, NATO, as well as certain lobbyists? Was it the cover up related to 9/11-those issues we'd all been warned to keep quite about?"



Global Strike Force, is the NATO Violence Coming Home?

One of the major cost cutting measures introduced and utilized by NATO has of course as discussed been the use of Special Operation Forces (SOF) to train and command militant/mercenary forces to remove those the State Department deems "Terrorists". 

Unfortunately the word terrorists has been expanded to included both radical Islam and anybody the powers that be determine is a threat to the criminals that have taken over the American Empire. With this expansion, drone warfare has been pushed to the forefront of the tactical military arsenal as a cheap, easy and effective way of dealing with the threat from both extremists and dissenters who oppose the military methods being utilized to centralize global power under the UN. In fact in a panel discussion about the NATO summit U.S. Permanent Representative on the Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Ivo Daalder talks about NATO being given Global Hawk drones.

"One of the most important gaps was in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance capabilities, and at this summit, NATO signed an agreement with Northrop Grumman to buy five Global Hawk drones to provide the alliance the capability for intelligence gathering, surveillance, and reconnaissance, and so it no longer has to rely on the United States to provide that capability."


Though it is known that the CIA and JSOC operat these drones, and this NATO deal seems small fry stuff compared to what the U.S. is capable of deploying in the way of drone warfare all over the globe, it shows a shift towards their preference in both U.S. and NATO strategy.

We have all read how President Obama has used drones in places like Yemen to assassinate an American citizen and likely double agent by the name of Anwar Al-Awlaki. This sets a new precedent effectively removing any rights we may of had left rendering the Constitution as George W. Bush said, "Just a Goddamn piece of Paper".

Don't think that your elected officials won't utilize these drones in America in fact you can count on an assassination on American soil to set a new standard and scare the pants out of the American public and anyone who dares go against the policy of murder locally or abroad.

Our country is slowly being whittled down by the War on Terror to the point that we will acceptt anything whether it be, TSA gropes at the airports, domestic wiretapping and yes even armed drones flying over American soil. The purchase of 30,000 drones has been reported to fly over America and just recently one of these armed drones was spotted over Chicago in the lead up to the NATO summit causing quite the stir at a children's soccer game.


So who is making the decision to target anyone, anywhere at anytime for drone strikes and assassination? That task has been given to John Brennan and will be operationally conducted by the CIA and JSOC.


Take a good look at Obama's newly elected Assassination Czar, and hope and pray someone like Ron Paul will win this years election who has been the only out spoken Presidential Candidate on this topic and intends on ending this un-constitional action at the Federal level.



In light of everything discussed in this article, you will begin to see patterns emerge in which NATO is being given everything it needs, provocation, drug money, weapons, special forces, drones, radicalized militants and the support of the conspirators behind the build up towards a bloody New World Order. If you want to know where the next direct action will be by NATO all you have to do is look at Turkey.

This month Turkey called for Article 5 to be used and directed towards Syria where the militants are currently being directed against President Bashar al-Assad claiming their military is firing across border lines. A perfect instigated situation to warrant more NATO action in that country precisely like we saw in Libya.

It won't stop there either, the prize is a showdown between Iran, Russia and China and the NATO missile shield is the fail safe in the event of Nuclear war. No article is complete without mentioning the missile shield and it too just so happened to be another major topic of discussion at the Chicago NATO Summit, coincidence? I think not.

The Rand company and the other think tanks who designed this strategy of global domination are confident their plan will succeed. Will the American people wake up in time to put a stop to it? Only time will tell.




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