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NSA can hack WiFi devices from eight miles away (video)

EnGadget | The NSA may have the ability to intercept data from around the world, but we now know that it has some impressive (and intimidating) equipment for snooping on nearby targets.

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Cruz Warns: 2014 NDAA Still Gives Obama ‘Indefinite Detention Without Due Process’ Powers | Says it “does not ensure our most basic rights as American citizens are protected” Texas Senator Ted Cruz was one of a handful of legislators who took a stand against the renewal of the National Defense Reauthorization Act this week by refusing to sign onto the legislation, which Cruz says still contains wording allowing President Obama to indefinitely detain U.S. citizens absent of due process.

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Afghan war most unpopular in US history: Poll

Press TV | More than 80 percent of Americans say they are opposed to the war in Afghanistan, making the longest war in US history also the most unpopular one, according to a new national poll.

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2013 is the year that proved your ‘paranoid’ friend right

WP | Most people involved in the tech scene have at least one friend who has been warning everyone they know about protecting their digital trail for years — and have watched that friend get accused of being being a tinfoil-hat-wearing conspiracy theorist. But 2013 is the year that proved your "paranoid" friend right.

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Australian police find 328 guns, 4.2 tons of ammo at farm

NBC | A father and his two sons have been arrested in Australia after police found a $3 million arsenal of more than 300 guns and 4.2 tons of ammunition at their farm, police said Thursday. The men, aged 69, 46 and 42, were charged with possessing restricted firearms after police found the weapons stockpile stashed in sheds at their property in Monto, Queensland.

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Ibragim Todashev’s Father Writes Open Letter to Obama, Releases Photos Surrounding Son’s Death [Warning: Graphic]

Boston Magaizine | Abdul-Baki Todashev, the father of Ibragim Todashev, the Tamerlan Tsarnaev associate shot to death in his Orlando, Fla., apartment by a FBI agent in the company of two Massachusetts State Troopers in May, has released an open letter to President Obama calling for justice.

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A list of Colorado recreational marijuana stores open on Jan. 1

Denver Post | Colorado cannabis regulators will not be releasing an official statewide list of stores fully approved to open on Jan. 1 for recreational marijuana sales. The following is a list of stores that either have both state and local approval to open on Jan. 1 — though some may choose not to — or of stores that have confirmed to The Denver Post that they expect to be open for recreational sales on Jan. 1. This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

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The Federal Reserve was created 100 years ago. This is how it happened.

WP | A century ago this week, Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act, creating a central bank for a nation that was only beginning its economic ascendance. This is the story of how it came to be, from a nearly catastrophic financial panic to secret meetings of plutocrats on the Georgia coast to the pitched battle in the halls of Congress, excerpted from The Alchemists: Three Central Bankers and a World on Fire.

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PCSO arrest man deported 10 times
FOX 10 News Staff | A 27-year-old Mexican national was arrested after he allegedly led deputies on a pursuit and then jumped into a water-filled canal. Pinal County sheriff's office says one of their K-9 deputies saw an SUV driving recklessly on I-10, near Eloy.
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The Big Squeeze - mystery hand scoops up copper

Reuters | Someone has made a near billion-dollar bet on copper this week, virtually cornering the world's key stocks of the metal. That has stoked worries of a supply squeeze, as warehouses run low on a raw material vital to global industry, and has raised questions about commodity exchanges' efforts to curb attempts to manipulate prices by aggressively heavy trading.

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Judge: DHS Complicit in Human Trafficking that Helps Fund Drug Cartels

Brietbart | A United States federal judge has accused President Barack Obama’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of being complicit in helping Mexican drug cartels and felons inside America smuggle illegal aliens into the country.

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Exclusive: Private talks between Tony Blair and George Bush on Iraq war to be published

The Independent | The Government is working to declassify more than 100 secret documents detailing discussions that took place between Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and George Bush in the run-up to the Iraq war. The Independent understands that, in an unprecedented move, a cache of notes from Mr Blair to Mr Bush, records of telephone conversations and meetings, as well as up to 200 minutes of cabinet-level discussions are to be published in the new year.

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$10m NSA contract with security firm RSA led to encryption 'back door'

The Guardian | As a key part of a campaign to embed encryption software that it could crack into widely used computer products, the National Security Agency arranged a secret $10m contract with RSA, one of the most influential firms in the computer security industry, Reuters has learned. 

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Black Budget: US govt clueless about missing Pentagon $trillions

Youtube | The Pentagon has secured a 630 billion dollar budget for next year, even though it's failed to even account for the money it's received since 1996. A whopping 8.5 trillion dollars of taxpayer cash have gone to defence programmes - none of which has been audited. This black budget has sparked concerns over potential fraud, as Gayane Chichakyan reports.

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Manipulations Rule The Markets | The Federal Reserve’s announcement on December 18 that beginning in January its monthly purchases of mortgage-backed financial instruments and US Treasury bonds would each be cut by $5 billion is puzzling, as is the financial press’s account of the market’s response.

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