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Brand Obama: Totalitarianism 2.0 | America has been seized by an executive dictatorship. History has witnessed almost every kind of dictatorship imaginable, but what Americans are facing in the 21st century is a form of totalitarianism so pernicious that it is able to camouflage its unified agenda behind a veil of contrived partisan politics that tricks people into believing they have choice and freedom, when in reality the entire country and the office of president has been seized by a cabal of corporate looters.

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Will 'long-hidden footage of second shooter' to be aired this week prove Lee Harvey Oswald did NOT act alone?

Daily Mail | A Texas real-estate developer is in possession of footage of John F. Kennedy's motorcade from that fateful day in Dallas that he believes supports the theory that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. Whether or not the footage is genuine isn't yet known, but if it is, it would represent a dramatic development in a story 50 years in the making.

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Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System

Economic Collapse Blog | Did you know that the Obama administration is negotiating a super secret "trade agreement" that is so sensitive that he isn't even allowing members of Congress to see it?  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is being called the "NAFTA of the Pacific" and "NAFTA on steroids", but the truth is that it is so much more than just a trade agreement.

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Secret Globalist Treaty Threatens Internet Freedom | Wikileaks has released a 95 page, 30,000 word document spelling out details on the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). The secret globalist agreement will have a significant effect on a wide range of issues including internet freedom, medicine, patents, and civil liberties. The cabal will meet in Salt Lake, Utah, between November 19 and 24.

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HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank

Dean Hendersen | would buy 195 retail bank branches in New York and Connecticut from HSBC for around $1 billion.  HSBC had acquired the branches when it bought the spooky Marine Midland in 1980.  According to Global Finance, the UK-headquartered HSBC Holdings is the world’s 3rd largest bank with $2.36 trillion in assets.

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Brzezinski: ‘Global Political Awakening’ Making Syrian War Difficult

Storyleak | During a short interview with Germany’s DW News last Monday, former US National Security Adviser and Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski commented on the growing inefficiency of war due to the increased political knowledge of the public.

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U.S. spy agency bugged U.N. headquarters: Germany's Spiegel

Reuters |  The U.S. National Security Agency has bugged the United Nations' New York headquarters, Germany's Der Spiegel weekly said on Sunday in a report on U.S. spying that could further strain relations between Washington and its allies.Citing secret U.S. documents obtained by fugitive former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, Der Spiegel said the files showed how the United States systematically spied on other states and institutions.

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Humanities Ultimate Fail Safe: Pull the Plug on Big Brother

Truth Alliance | What is the solution to the globalized, military police state? Well the first order of business when discussing the problem of a global tyranny is to admit to ourselves we no longer live in a free country, or world for that matter. This is a fact, and if you don't know it yet get your head out of the sand and start paying attention. Edward Snowden has done the impossible, he has successfully woken up the masses to the realities of the NSA, Big Brother police state that has silently constructed itself under the shadowy wings of the national security state we used to call America. We have Edward Snowden to thank for this. It most likely will not end well for him as a result of his whistleblowing, but making this a national issue will be his legacy, and history will not, and should not forget him for his sacrifice. He has become a hero to the people, and a bane on oppressive, illegal government.

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Alex Jones Storms BBC, Confronts Bilderberg Member | Alex Jones confronted Bilderberg member and UK Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls shortly before a live BBC broadcast on which Jones was a guest, before Balls was ambushed again in the corridor about breaking the ministerial code by taking part in a secret lobbying meeting.

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who are the billionaires and politicians arriving for secretive Bilderberg

 Daily Mail | Delegates for a private conference of top politicians and businesspeople from around the world have started to arrive at a luxury country hotel. Several cars with blacked-out windows entered the gates of the Grove Hotel, near Watford, in Hertfordshire, this morning for the secretive meeting of the Bilderberg Group.

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Yes, We Do Have A Right To Know What’s Going On At Bilderberg | Search Google News for Bilderberg coverage right now and you won’t see much from the mainstream media, even though it’s happening right now. Why? Because they buy into the idea set forth by the rich and powerful Bilderberg members that it’s a private party, nothing to see here, move along. But the discussions that occur at the Bilderberg round table shape corporate and government policies all over the world, therefore every person on the planet has a right to know what’s going on.

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BBC Demonizes Alex Jones | A BBC reporter admitted her job was to “provoke” Alex Jones following an interview in which the reporter attempted to characterise Bilderberg as a conspiracy theory.

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Breaking: Official Bilderberg Attendee List Released

Infowars | Here is the official list of attendees for the upcoming Bilderberg meeting at The Grove in Watford, England, as well as the agenda.

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Nigel Farage flees barrage of abuse from Edinburgh protesters

Guardian | Party leader takes shelter in police riot van as demonstrators chant: 'Ukip scum off our streets'. Perhaps for the first time in his political career, Nigel Farage, the scourge of British politics, found himself in retreat on Thursday evening as dozens of protesters hounded him out of central Edinburgh. The Ukip leader was finally whisked away in a police riot van under a tirade of abuse from a crowd of about 50 young demonstrators – students, anti-racist campaigners and activists in the radical left pro-Scottish independence movement – after being forced to retreat not once, twice or three times, but four times.


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Google-Berg: Global Elite Transforms Itself For Technocratic Revolution | Authoritarian, anti-democratic power networks are being re-branded as trendy, philanthropic-style forums. The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently undergoing a major transformation that will see it and other high profile networks merge under the banner of Google as the elite accelerates its plan to consolidate its technocratic agenda. This past weekend, Infowars reporters Paul Joseph Watson and Jon Scobie visited the luxury Grove Hotel in Watford, UK, site of the 2013 Bilderberg Group conference set to take place June 6-9, a clandestine annual gathering of over 100 of the world’s most influential power brokers in the fields of politics, academia, technology, business and banking.

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