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Meet George P. Bush, Our Next Ruler from the Bush Dynasty | If you thought the Bush family was essentially done attempting to run the country, you are wrong. The fourth generation of the powerful Bush political dynasty that has already seen two presidents named “George Bush,” not to mention a senator and a governor, is about to make his entrance stage left through a low profile but still powerful Texas office.

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Think Tank: “Extraordinary Crisis” Needed to Preserve “New World Order” | Writing for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.

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NSA’s Preference for Metadata | Senior national security officials, from President Barack Obama on down, have made light of the National Security Agency’s intrusive monitoring of the public by saying “only” metadata about communications, not the content of those communications, are collected. One might ask, then, why is it that intelligence and law enforcement officials much prefer this metadata approach?

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WikiLeaks: Canadian government helped fund secretive anti-environment spook group Stratfor | Most Americans don't know that the federal government isn't the only entity out there in the intelligence business. There are a number of private companies in the U.S. and abroad that specialize in intelligence gathering.

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More than 250,000 and counting join Rand Paul in class-action lawsuit against NSA data collection | By Saturday afternoon, more than 250,000 people had signed on to the class-action lawsuit U.S. Sen. Rand Paul plans to file against the Obama administration over the National Security Agency's (NSA) collection of data through domestic surveillance programs. Paul, R-Bowling Green, had been contemplating the effort for several months and announced it Friday night when appearing on Hannity on Fox News.

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Rand Paul: I Oppose the Money Changing in the Temple of the Federal Reserve

Youtube | SENATE FLOOR: Sen. Paul Opposes Yellen Nomination to Federal Reserve - January 6, 2013

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8 Photos You Didn't See From Obama's Trip to South Africa

Policy Mic | On Tuesday, conservative news outlets in the United States decided that the best way to commemorate the life of Nelson Mandela, and to report on the memorial services in his honor, was to manufacture a controversy about an AFP photo of President Barack Obama shooting a selfie with Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. According to Fox News, the “international incident” was so bad that, “The tsk-tisk-ing could be heard across continents.”

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Patriot Act Author: Congress Are “Cheerleaders” For NSA | Rep. James Sensenbrenner Jr., the man who authored the original PATRIOT Act of 2001, says that the House and Senate Intelligence committees, which are supposed to operate as oversight watchdogs of government spy agencies, have become “cheerleaders” for the NSA.

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Congress Investigates Obama’s Attempt to Become Dictator | If Obama’s complete disregard for the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency continues, it will create a precedent in which future presidents will act as absolute autocrats. At a congressional hearing on Dec. 2, House Representative Trey Growdy (R-SC) asked what will stop Obama from not enforcing election laws considering his pattern of “prosecutorial discretion” of other standing laws.

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Detroit ruling opens door to pension cuts across the nation

LA Times | For 34 years, Gwendolyn Beasley worked as a clerk at the Detroit Public Library and paid a portion of her salary into a fund that would someday help pay for her pension. Now retired, Beasley, 67, receives $1,500 a month from that pension. But she's cutting back on spending after a judge ruled last week that Detroit's pension funds, like other city creditors, may have to take a hit as the city reorganizes its finances under bankruptcy.

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Feds Spent $180k On Liquor Days Before & During Government Shutdown

Ben Swann | According to Washington Times journalist Jim McElhatton, the US State Department spent approximately $180,000 for liquor to stockpile US embassy liquor cabinets as the federal government prepared to shut down in September.

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Expert Testifies to Congress that Obama’s ‘Ignoring Laws’ Could Lead to Overthrow of Government | During a congressional committee hearing about the constitutional limits imposed on the presidency and the implications of President Barack Obama’s disregard for implementing the Affordable Care Act as written, one expert testified that the consequences of the president’s behavior were potentially grave. He said that the precedent set by Obama could eventually lead to an armed revolt against the federal government.

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An Overwhelming Amount of Americans Want Congress to Be Drug Tested

InTheCapital | It's a little frightening to me just how common drug testing is in America. From applying to a new job to simply trying out for a high school football team could require you to take the time to pee into a cup and prove to the federal government that you aren't involved in recreational drug use. This prevalence of drug testing makes it seem only fair that members of Congress would have to go through the same process, just so we can be sure they aren't just high the next time they try to repeal Obamacare.

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Childhood friend of Barack Obama comes forward with damaging information

Examiner | A woman who claims to be a former childhood friend of President Barack Obama has spoken out about the president's past in an exclusive interview. Mia Marie Pope spoke by telephone with Dr. James Manning on Nov. 4, and her story should be heard by everyone. Pope gave alarming details about President Obama's life and personality while he was attending high school in Hawaii.

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NATO launches ‘largest ever’ cyber-security exercises

RT | NATO has kicked off Cyber Coalition 2013, the largest ever exercise of its kind intended to thwart massive, simultaneous attacks on member states and their allies. The three-day exercise, based at the 27 member alliance's cyber defense center in Estonia, will include participants from over 30 European states. Some 400 IT, government and legal experts from across the alliance will take part in the operation.

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