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Scores of Former Cops, Firefighters Rounded up in Connection to Massive, $400M Scam

The Blaze | Law enforcement officials rounded up more than 100 suspects Tuesday morning in a massive disability fraud investigation in the New York City area, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.


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Brand Obama: Totalitarianism 2.0 | America has been seized by an executive dictatorship. History has witnessed almost every kind of dictatorship imaginable, but what Americans are facing in the 21st century is a form of totalitarianism so pernicious that it is able to camouflage its unified agenda behind a veil of contrived partisan politics that tricks people into believing they have choice and freedom, when in reality the entire country and the office of president has been seized by a cabal of corporate looters.

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Outraged Bill Moyers Exposes The System For What It Is

Youtube | Outraged Bill Moyers Exposes The System For What It Is

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‘Web of financial secrecy’: Britain, satellites dominate tax haven rating

RT | The UK is “by far the most important” player on the global financial secrecy market. While only ranked 21 on the Tax Justice Network index, the aggregated web of jurisdictions around the world makes Britain the top router of global financial secrets.

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SEC Revolving Door Fuels Wall Street's Too Big To Fail Problem

Huffington Post | The steady flow of officials from the Securities and Exchange Commission into top corporate jobs feeds a regulatory culture of weak law enforcement and preferential treatment for big banks, according to a new report from the Project on Government Oversight. The group, a non-partisan investigative watchdog, said information it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request shows 419 former SEC employees filed at least 1,949 disclosure statements revealing that they planned to represent a private-sector client with SEC business from 2001 to 2010. SEC employees are only required to file disclosure statements for the first two years after leaving the agency.

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L.A. County Sheriff's Department intends to fire seven deputies

LA Times | The seven belong to a secret law enforcement clique that allegedly celebrated shootings and branded members with matching tattoos. Seven Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies have been notified that the department intends to fire them for belonging to a secret law enforcement clique that allegedly celebrated shootings and branded its members with matching tattoos, officials said.


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The Federal Government Should Not Possess Arms They Are a Mentally ILL Psychopath and I can Prove It!

Real News Radio | The Federal Government of the United States of America , The Grand Humanatarin , not to mention Bankrupt Philanthropist , so concerned with the peoples well being , disregarding the fact they force us to drink fluoride , eat GMO foods , breath polluted air, This good Samaritan the grandiosed hypocrite of all time wants to disarm Americans for our own good , for our safety and for the sake of the children . Among the many ways this will be accomplished registration , taxes , maximum capacity limits and possibly most of all mental illness . Since The United States is a Corporation since 1871 and  the Supreme Court ruled that a Corporation is a person in 1886 . Lets see how the Federal Government is found when accused of being a hopelessly incurable mentally ill Psychopath . In contemporary research and clinical practice, Robert D. Hare's Psychopathy Checklist ,   is the psycho-diagnostic tool most commonly used to assess psychopaths.


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The Untouchables: How the Obama administration protected Wall Street from prosecutions

Guardian | A new PBS Frontline report examines a profound failure of justice that should be causing serious social unrest PBS' Frontline program on Tuesday night broadcast a new one-hour report on one of the greatest and most shameful failings of the Obama administration: the lack of even a single arrest or prosecution of any senior Wall Street banker for the systemic fraud that precipitated the 2008 financial crisis: a crisis from which millions of people around the world are still suffering. What this program particularly demonstrated was that the Obama justice department, in particular the Chief of its Criminal Division, Lanny Breuer, never even tried to hold the high-level criminals accountable.

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Netanyahu probed for accepting money from businessman
Press TV | Israel’s Justice Ministry says that an investigation was launched last year over allegations that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had received a substantial sum of money from a businessman.
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Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2012 | Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, today released its 2012 list of Washington’s “Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians.” The list, in alphabetical order, includes:

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Mexico to charge police officers in attack against CIA agents

Christian Science Monitor | Mexico to charge police officers in attack against CIA agents After an ambush that injured US CIA operatives, the Mexican government has indicated they are close to charging police officers, who they say may be corrupt. Mexico City. Mexico said on Wednesday it was close to charging police officers with deliberately targeting two US agents in an August attack that caused serious embarrassment to the Mexican government.


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Constitutional experts call Obama’s abuse of power historic

Human Events | As president, Barack Obama has made a habit of bypassing or ignoring constitutional limitations on his power, a panel of experts told the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. Obama’s claiming of executive privilege during the Fast and Furious debacle has already faded from the headlines, and it may be hard to remember the weight of the outrage expressed at the beginning of the year, when Obama made a handful of unilateral “recess” appointments, opting to bypass a Senate that wasn’t actually in recess.

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Bringing Back Glass-Steagall Would Rebuild Shattered Confidence In Wall Street

Forbes | Investigations after the 1929 stock market crash revealed widespread conflicts of interest and outright fraud in the activities of financial firms leading up to the Great Crash.  It was the worst financial catastrophe the country has ever experienced and preceded the Great Depression. It was clear that financial firms had become too big, too powerful, and too greedy.

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Mexican Bribery Charges Could Cost Wal-Mart $4.5 Billion; Shares Down 4.8%

Forbes | Wal-Mart shares plunged nearly 5% in pre-market trading this morning, as investors weighed allegations that Wal-Mart officials bribed Mexican officials to quicken growth and then tried to cover up the corruption. Executives from Wal-Mart’s Mexican subsidiary reportedly used systematic bribery to receive building permits across the country, according to The New York Times story that broke the news Saturday. After Wal-Mart learned about the bribes, it stalled an internal investigation into the situation and failed to promptly report the problems to the government. The Wal-Mart executive described by The Times as the man directing the illegal operations, Eduardo Castro-Wright,  now serves as a vice president at the company, set to retire in July.

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25 Signs That America Is A Seething Cesspool Of Filth And Corruption | Do you believe that America is a seething cesspool of filth and corruption?  If not, you might change your mind after reading this article.  Sadly, the truth is that the United States is absolutely corrupt to the core.  This is true from the very top of our society all the way to the very bottom.  The current occupant of the White House will likely go down in history as the most corrupt president in history, and that is really saying something.

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