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Texans to Protest Censorship of Free Speech in Dallas JFK Events | The anniversary of the death of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the nation’s 35th president, occurs this Friday in the north Texas city where the shadow government silenced him fifty years ago. Since his death, countless people have sought answers and disagreed with the government’s portrayal of what took place that day, chiefly that former marine Lee Harvey Oswald was a lone assassin and that he used a “magic bullet” to kill the president.

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Police Given Direct Line To Cell Phone Searches

CBS DFW | Think about all the personal information we keep in our cell phones: It’s something to consider after the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit ruled it is now legal for police to search cell phones without a warrant. Former Dallas FBI Agent Danny Defenbaugh said the ruling gives law enforcement a leg up. “I think not only will it help them, but it could be life saving,” said the former Special Agent, who was based in Dallas. The decision stems from an Indiana case where police arrested a man for dealing drugs. An officer searched the suspect’s cell phone without warrant.

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FULL VIDEO: Alex Jones & Jim Marrs Live-Lakewood Theater, Dallas

Youtube | Alex Jones with Jim Marrs-"Blueprint of the New World Order Tour"-Dallas, TX (2/19/2012) at the Lakewood Theater includes first half of the Q & A at the end of show.

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(HD) Occupy the Fed: Alex Jones Opening Salvo Dallas, Texas

Truth Alliance Channel |Jones opening Occupy the Fed speech against the Dallas Federal Reserve Branch on 10.7.11

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Mexican officer's bid to escape drug war, gain asylum to be heard today in Dallas

Dallas News | Claudia Alarcón worried constantly that her husband, a police officer in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, would leave her a young widow with two children. After a big balacera, a gunfight, in April 2008, she rushed to the hospital when she heard officers had been hit. "I didn't know who was dead or wounded," said Alarcón, who is now 25. "Imagine, he is the pillar of our family and they [the drug cartels] forgive nothing."


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