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Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police

The Independent | Secret networks of Freemasons have been used by organised crime gangs to corrupt the criminal justice system, according to a bombshell Metropolitan Police report leaked to The Independent.

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Judge Slaps Down NSA Metadata Spying

Vancouver Times | A U.S. judge has ruled that the National Security Agency's indiscriminate, bulk seizure of Americans' telephone records is "almost certainly" unconstitutional and has issued a preliminary injunction to stop the

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Effort underway to declassify document that is legal foundation for NSA phone program

AP | Colleen Kollar-Kotelly provided the legal foundation for the NSA amassing a database of all Americans’ phone records, say current and former officials who have read it. In the recent stream of disclosures about National Security Agency surveillance programs, one document, sources say, has been conspicuously absent: the original — and still classified — judicial interpretation that held that the bulk collection of Americans’ data was lawful.

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Judge finally rules on 'Mark of the Beast'

WND | JA federal judge in Texas has issued a ruling that a student’s religious objections to wearing a badge from a school ID program that utilizes radio chips to identify students and faculty and monitor their movements are secular, and therefore, not a concern to the school or court.

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Court rules N.Y. shooting victim can sue gun maker, distributor

Reuters A Buffalo man who was shot nearly a decade ago can sue the manufacturer, the distributor and the dealer of the semi-automatic pistol used to shoot him, a New York state appeals court ruled on Friday. Attorneys for Daniel Williams, who was shot in 2003 when he was in high school, argued that Ohio-based manufacturer Beemiller and the distributor, MKS Supply, violated federal law by knowingly supplying guns to irresponsible dealers.

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Can Your Tweets Be Used Against You in Court?

Fox News Insider | Are your tweets your own? The court says that they belong to Twitter and can be used against you. That’s the case for Occupy protesters who were arrested during a march on the Brooklyn Bridge this past fall. The judge ruled that “If you post a tweet, just like if you scream it out the window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy. There is no propriety interest in your tweets which you have now gifted to the world.”

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Detroit mom cleared of charges that stemmed from standoff at home

Detroit Free Press | In a case that sparked debate about parental rights versus state involvement in the medical care of children, a Detroit woman won a major victory Monday when all the charges against her were dropped. Maryanne Godboldo, 57, was accused of firing a gun at Detroit police officers who were assisting a state Child Protective Services worker when they came to her Blaine Street home on March 24 to get her daughter.

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We’ve Gone from a Nation of Laws to a Nation of Powerful Men Making Laws in Secret

Washington's Blog | Preface: Some defendants are no longer allowed to see the "secret evidence" which the government is using against them. See this and this. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that judges can throw out cases because they don't like or believe the plaintiff ... even before anyone has had the chance to conduct discovery to prove their case. In other words, judges' secret biases can be the basis for denying people their day in court, without even having to examine the facts. Judges are also becoming directly involved in politics with the other branches of government.

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