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Afghan war most unpopular in US history: Poll

Press TV | More than 80 percent of Americans say they are opposed to the war in Afghanistan, making the longest war in US history also the most unpopular one, according to a new national poll.

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An Overwhelming Amount of Americans Want Congress to Be Drug Tested

InTheCapital | It's a little frightening to me just how common drug testing is in America. From applying to a new job to simply trying out for a high school football team could require you to take the time to pee into a cup and prove to the federal government that you aren't involved in recreational drug use. This prevalence of drug testing makes it seem only fair that members of Congress would have to go through the same process, just so we can be sure they aren't just high the next time they try to repeal Obamacare.

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Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Believe Obama ‘Knowingly Deceived’ Public On Healthcare | Almost half of all Americans believe that the president “knowingly deceived” the public in declaring that Americans would be able to keep healthcare insurance plans despite the introduction of new laws. The numbers come in the form of a Quinnipiac poll released Tuesday, which details the fact that 46 percent of people believe Obama knowing deceived the public.

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Clear majority favors legal marijuana, new Gallup poll shows
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Poll: Majority of Americans say Obama foreign policy ‘same or worse’ than Bush’s

Daily Caller | A majority of Americans, unconvinced by President Obama’s case for military intervention in Syria, now believe Obama’s foreign policy has been the same as or worse than that of his predecessor, President Bush. A Reason-Rupe poll found that 64 percent of Americans–including 68 percent of independents and 41 percent of Democrats–answered “worse” or “about the same” when asked what they thought of Obama’s handling of foreign policy when compared with Bush.

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Poll: Parents Think Schools With Armed Guards Are Safer

Bearing Arms | Shortly after the Sandy Hook tragedy, the National Rifle Association suggested putting armed guards in America’s schools in order to protect our children from deranged killers. They weren’t the first to suggest this idea. Former President Bill Clinton started putting armed guards into schools back in the 1990s and many schools today have police officers on duty. Regardless, the NRA was mocked and ridiculed by the Left and the anti-gun crowd for their suggestion.

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Majority of Americans Don't Trust Newspapers and Television News

US News | Continuing a decades-long downward trend, fewer than one-fourth of Americans have confidence in newspapers, according to a recent Gallup poll. The percentage of Americans saying they have "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in newspapers dropped to 23 percent this year from 25 percent last year, according to a report on the poll, which was released Monday. American confidence in newspapers reached its peak at 51 percent in 1979, and a low of 22 percent in 2008.

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Approve: George W. Bush’s favorability reaches post-presidency high

Washington Examiner | More Americans remember George W. Bush approvingly than negatively, according to a new survey released with Washington mired in scandals and President Obama under fire for expanding his predecessor’s surveillance of Americans. Forty-nine percent of Americans view Bush favorably while 46 percent view him negatively, Gallup reports. Democrats developing an appreciation for Bush at a faster rate than any other group, though his numbers are up among across the political spectrum.

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Britain wants its guns back

The Commentator | A Daily Telegraph online poll has revealed that over 80 percent of Brits would rather a repeal on the hand gun ban over various other "new law" choices Last Friday the Daily Telegraph, Britain's most widely read broadsheet newspaper, issued an online poll asking members of the public which proposal they would like to see introduced as a Private Members' Bill in the UK's Parliament. Private Members' Bills are introduced by Members of Parliament or Peers who are not government ministers.

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Poll: 61% of College-Age Students Want Government to Stay Out of Their Lives | Since I graduated from college in 2009, the economy has remained stagnant and the job market has remained weak, with no sign of improvement. Just last week, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported that the unemployment rate hit 7.5 percent.

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'Armed revolution to protect liberties' may soon be necessary, 44% of Republicans say | Think of it as an alternate definition for the term “gun control.” Nearly half of all Republicans surveyed said they believed that “an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary in the next few years,” a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson University found.

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CNN Poll: 4 in 10 Open to Give Up Liberties for Security

Newsmax | A new poll shows a willingness by 4 out of 10 Americans to give up some civil liberties to fight terrorism. But they don't want the government eavesdropping on their cell phone calls or emails. The CNN/Time/ORC International Poll shows that concerns about terrorism have increased since the April 15 Boston Marathon bombings. Forty percent say they are worried someone in their family might become a terrorism victim. That number is up 6 percentage points from a CNN poll conducted on the 10th anniversay of 9/11.

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Poll: Americans decidedly opposed to intervention in North Korea or Syria

NYT | Americans are exhibiting an isolationist streak, with majorities across party lines decidedly opposed to American intervention in North Korea or Syria, according to the latest New York Times/CBS News poll. While the public does not support direct military action in those two countries right now, a broad 70 percent majority favors the use of remotely piloted aircraft, or drones, to carry out bombing attacks against terrorism suspects in foreign countries.

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Poll shows Immigration Not Important to Americans | A recent Gallup Poll shows that immigration is a low priority for Americans. According to the poll, Americans believe the most important problem facing the country today is the economy, followed by unemployment/jobs and dissatification with the government. Despite the Senate releasing an 844-page immigration reform bill last night, immigration ranked 7th on the list with only 4% of Americans thinking the issue is most important.

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Poll: Almost Half Of Americans Believe They Have Right To Shoot Down Government Spy Drones | In a stark about turn, most Americans now have significant reservations about the use of drones by government and law enforcement. Just six months ago, a survey conducted by The Associated Press and The National Constitution Center found that more Americans supported than opposed the use of surveillance drones by domestic law enforcement agencies.

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