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Abortion may be declared a ‘human right’ in tomorrow’s EU vote | European pro-life advocates are warning that tomorrow’s vote in the European Parliament on the controversial “Report on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights,” could be a major advance for the abortion-promoters. The report advocates treating abortion as a “human right,” mandates compulsory sex-education for all children from their first year, and curtails conscientious objection rights for health care workers.

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Woman has child taken from her womb by social services

Telegraph |  Essex social services have obtained a court order against a woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and for her child to be taken from her womb by caesarean section. A pregnant woman has had her baby forcibly removed by caesarean section by social workers. Essex social services obtained a High Court order against the woman that allowed her to be forcibly sedated and her child to be taken from her womb.


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The proposed ‘once-a-month contraceptive pill’ isn’t contraception at all, but abortion | The Guardian and other news outlets have highlighted a new journal article arguing that a ‘once-a-month contraceptive pill’ is ‘scientifically possible’. Writing in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, the researchers say such an advance would be welcomed by many women but the biggest hurdle to development is likely to be ‘political opposition’. The new pill, they say, could be routinely used after, rather than before, sex. The idea would be that women wouldn’t have to take any precautions against pregnancy at all other than popping a pill whenever their period is delayed and they think they might possibly be pregnant.

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Contract killing: Pre-arranged abortion | If you ever had any doubts that women got the short end of the stick when the sexual revolution came along, cast those doubts aside. News from the world of sports a few weeks ago revealed just how short that stick is. Because on July 26, news leaked out that back in 2007, NBA player J. J. Redick had his former girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez, sign what the press is calling an “abortion contract.” In it, a pregnant Lopez agreed to undergo an abortion. In return, Redick agreed to “attempt” to “establish and maintain a social and/or dating relationship” with Lopez “for a period of one year.” If Redick decided things weren't working out, he would simply pay Lopez $25,000 and send her on her way.

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Marine Corps to open infantry training to enlisted women

Marine Times | The Marine Corps will allow enlisted women to participate in basic infantry training beginning this fall as part of ongoing research to determine what additional ground combat jobs may open to female personnel.

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“Lift Your Shirt, Shake Out Your Bra” Police Search | A Florida police officer ordered a young woman to shake out her bra twice during a traffic stop. On May 21, Zoe Brugger was driving her boyfriend home from work when Lakeland Officer Dustin Fetz pulled her over for a busted headlight. A dash cam video shows Officer Fetz telling Brugger to lift up her shirt and shake out her bra, not once but twice under the guise of “finding drugs.”

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Sexual Assaults in Military Raise Alarm in Washington

NYT | The problem of sexual assault in the military leapt to the forefront in Washington on Tuesday as the Pentagon released a survey estimating that 26,000 people in the armed forces were sexually assaulted last year, up from 19,000 in 2010, and an angry President Obama and Congress demanded action.The study, based on a confidential survey sent to 108,000 active-duty service members, was released two days after the officer in charge of sexual assault prevention programs for the Air Force was arrested and charged with sexual battery for grabbing a woman’s breasts and buttocks in an Arlington, Va., parking lot.

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Ladies, Are You Smearing Toxic Metals On Your Lips Every Day?

Pop Sci | A new study from the University of California, Berkeley and the Oakland, Calif.-based nonprofit Asian Communities for Reproductive Justice might make us rethink sexy red lips. According to the paper published online today in Environmental Health Perspectives, many lipsticks actually contain toxic metals.

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Panetta to lift ban on women in combat

Fox News | Women in all branches of the military soon will have unprecedented opportunities to serve on the front lines of the nation's wars. Leon Panetta, in one of his last acts as President Obama's defense secretary, is preparing to announce the policy change, which would open hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and potentially elite commando jobs after more than a decade at war, the Pentagon confirmed Wednesday.

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Time Magazine Cover: After 40 Years, Abortion Activists Losing | The mainstream media will get around to covering abortion this month as the nation marks 40 years of legalized abortion for any reason throughout pregnancy via Roe v Wade. Time magazine has released its issue, which comes to a shocking conclusion.

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Birth Complications On The Rise In The U.S., Study Finds

Reuters | Severe complications from childbirth are rare in the U.S., but they are becoming more common, a new government study finds. Between 1998 and 2009, the rate of serious complications like heart attack, stroke, severe bleeding and kidney failure during or after childbirth roughly doubled among U.S. women, according to researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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France to cover 100 percent of abortion costs

AFP | France on Monday unveiled a package of reforms designed to increase access to abortion, including 100 percent reimbursement of medical costs by the state social security system. At present French women are only able to claim back between 70 and 80 percent of the costs, which average between 200 and 450 euros depending on whether the abortion is induced by medication taken at home or carried out by surgical procedure in a clinic.

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Apple Corp. Allows Forced “One-Child” Pregnancy Screening of Its Employees in China | The Communist Chinese policy of birth control by coerced abortions to reduce the birth rate of couples to one child is a very real and grim fact. LifeSiteNews recently reported the story of Chen Guangcheng, a dissident who escaped from China and is shining the spotlight on Apple Corporation, whose employees at factories in China are compelled to undergo monthly pregnancy tests.

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Breast Cancer Causing or Preventing? Think Before You Pink

Life In Alignment Blog | Breast Cancer Awareness month is right around the corner. Pink ribbons, team formations and requests for donations are about to sky rocket. In the 2009-2010 fiscal year, the Susan G Komen Breast Cancer Foundation reported approximately $400 million in earnings. $365 million of that came directly from fundraising activities and donations by the public.

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55-year-old former model battles breast cancer with diet changes; refuses chemo and surgery | The story of former model Jessica Richards' battle with cancer is a remarkable one, especially because it has defected from the use of conventional treatments like chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery. In her book The Topic of Cancer, Richards explains how following a strict metabolic diet and receiving high-dose intravenous injections of vitamin C has helped successfully reverse the progression of her breast cancer, to the shock of many conventional doctors.

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