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Police Monitoring Social Media For Death Threats Over Kelly Thomas Verdict | Police are monitoring social media networks for death threats aimed at the officers acquitted over the beating death of Kelly Thomas.Fury is running high after officer Manuel Ramos and officer Jay Cicinelli were found not guilty on all charges of murder and manslaughter, despite the jury being shown a video where Thomas begs for his life as he is pummeled, pistol whipped and tasered.

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‘You Could Never Anticipate This Happening in the United States of America’

The Blaze | What began as a simple traffic stop ended in a humiliating and nightmarish ordeal for a New Mexico man. It won’t come as a surprise to most people why the man has now filed a federal civil rights lawsuit.The incident began on Jan. 2 as David Eckert was leaving the local Walmart in Deming, N.M. He reportedly failed to make a complete stop at a stop sign, prompting police to pull him over.

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56% View Feds As Threat to Individual Rights

Rasmusssen | The United States was founded on a belief that governments are created to protect certain unalienable rights. Today, however, more voters than ever view the federal government as a threat to those rights. A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 56% of Likely U.S. Voters now consider the federal government a threat to individual rights rather than a protector of those rights. That’s up 10 points from 46% in December.

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Police Abuse: 'Your Grandma Sells Crack'

Courthouse |  Chicago police terrorized six children in the wrong apartment, demanding at gunpoint that an 11-month-old show his hands, and telling one child, "This is what happens when your grandma sells crack," the family claims in court. Lead plaintiffs Charlene and Samuel Holly sued Chicago, police Officer Patrick Kinney and eight John Does in Federal Court, on their own behalves and for their children and children.The six children were 11 months to 13 years old at the time. Plaintiffs Connie and Michelle Robinson are Charlene Holly's daughters.

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Why Firing a Bad Cop Is Damn Near Impossible

Reason | Over the summer, a still from a surveillance camera showing a police officer kicking a handcuffed woman in the head went viral on Facebook and email. The text below the picture read, "Rhode Island police officer Edward Krawetz received no jail time for this brutal assault on this seated and handcuffed woman. Now he wants his job back. Share if you don't want this to happen."

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Syrian rebels accused of war crimes
Guardian | Opposition groups in Syria have been accused of committing war crimes including torture and the summary execution of prisoners, and the UN has been warned of a growing number of human rights violations and the presence of foreign Islamist fighters ranged against the regime of Bashar al-Assad. Human Rights Watch said it had documented more than a dozen executions by rebels in the northern provinces of Idlib and Aleppo and the coastal region of Latakia. Three opposition leaders who were confronted with evidence of extrajudicial killings said the victims had deserved to die, HRW reported.
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Study: The ‘gateway drug’ is alcohol, not marijuana

Rawstory | A study in the August edition of The Journal of School Health finds that the generations old theory of a “gateway drug” effect is in fact accurate for some drug users, but shifts the blame for those addicts’ escalating substance abuse away from marijuana and onto the most pervasive and socially accepted drug in American life: alcohol.

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'Tweaking memories' could help addicts avoid relapsing

BBC | Manipulating memories of drug use may help reformed addicts avoid a return to a life of drug abuse, according to scientists in China. They said memories linking "cues" - such as needles or cigarettes - and the pleasurable effects of drugs caused cravings and relapsing.

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Half of NHS hospitals failing to care for elderly

Guardian | Elderly patients are being badly let down by more than half of NHS hospitals, according to a CQC report. Photograph: Martin Godwin for the Guardian. Twenty hospitals in England broke the law by failing to protect the dignity of older patients and ensure they got sufficient food and water, spot checks by NHS watchdogs have found. Thirty-five others subject to unannounced visits between March and June this year also needed to make improvements, with just 45 of 100 involved satisfying the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Too often staff did not treat patients with kindness and compassion, according to its highly critical report.

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