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Guy Builds a Bomb Just With Stuff You Can Buy After Airport Security

Boing Boing | Making a mockery of TSA! Just in case you were still being fooled into thinking that the TSA is good for, well, anything, follow along with You Tube contributor Terminal Cornucopia as he constructs a home-made "FRAGGuccino" from stuff you can buy from airport terminal kiosks—you know the ones you can enter after passing through security.

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Chemicals allegedly used in Syria are the type stored by the U.S. in Kentucky | The alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria thrusts the international spotlight onto the same deadly "nerve agents" stored at Blue Grass Army Depot in Madison County. Sarin, one of the world's most dangerous chemical warfare agents, has been identified by the United States as the substance loaded onto rockets on Aug. 21 and shot into the suburbs of Damascus. The Obama administration estimates that more than 1,400 people died.

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Rand Paul To John Kerry: "We Play Constitutional Theater For The President"

Youtube | Rand Paul grills Sec. State John Kerry on Obama's plans to go to war asking him to support the Constitution.

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Traces of explosives found on wreckage of jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Polish president

Daily Mail | Polish investigators have found traces of explosives on the wreckage of a government jet that crashed in Russia two years ago, killing Poland's president and 95 others, Polish media claimed today. Poland's Rzeczpospolita newspaper said prosecutors and explosive experts who examined the remains of the plane in Russia found signs of TNT and nitroglycerin on the wings and in the cabin, including on 30 seats.

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Afghan Soldiers Arrested in Suspected Attack Against Government

NYT |  The Afghan Defense Ministry went into a near-total lockdown on Tuesday after the discovery of 10 suicide vests and the arrest of more than a dozen Afghan soldiers suspected of plotting to attack the ministry and blow up commuter buses for government employees, Afghan and Western officials said.

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Bombshell--declassified documents show OKC bombing done by Muslims

Examiner | For many years investigative reporters have suspected that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols did not act alone in perpetrating the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 that killed 168 Americans and injured hundred more. According to newly-released documents, formerly classified, those suspcions were correct. The bombing was the work of Muslim terrorists. In a report released April 5 by the Center for Public Integrity, the FBI sat on explosive information indicating that the bombing was ordered by the Iraqi Special Services unit. 

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25 Tons of Bombs Wipe Afghan Town Off Map

Wired | An American-led military unit pulverized an Afghan village in Kandahar’s Arghandab River Valley in October, after it became overrun with Taliban insurgents. It’s hard to understand how turning an entire village into dust fits into America’s counterinsurgency strategy — which supposedly prizes the local people’s loyalty above all else. But it’s the latest indication that Gen. David Petraeus, the counterinsurgency icon, is prosecuting a frustrating war with surprising levels of violence. Some observers already fear a backlash brewing in the area.

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Lawyer: Baltimore bomb plot suspect was entrapped

AP | A man accused of plotting to kill military recruiters with a car bomb was a victim of entrapment and was incapable of building or detonating explosives, his attorney said Monday. Antonio Martinez, 21, was arrested last week in an FBI sting after agents said he tried to detonate a phony bomb outside a Catonsville recruitment center. He's charged with attempted murder of federal officers and attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction.

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